Review: Women who Run With The Wolves – Clarissa Pinkola Estés. Ph.D.

I first heard about this book through meditative teachers and yogi friends of mine who were eager to get their hands on this spiritual study of the archetypal woman, and I was intrigued. This book has welcomes me into a world of mythology, folk-tale and ancient story-telling through famous tales such as ‘Bluebeard’ and lesser known ales from ancient tribes across the globe.  Estes tells these tales of instinct, intuition and infallible femininity that capture the multifarious spirits residing in women. She embeds them within streams of hyperbolic analysis which serve to call upon the wild woman within us which has been oppressed and tamed by modern society.

This book fails to be a smooth, mellifluous read given the deeply spiritual terrain of the study and the analysis that flows throughout which can be largely off-putting. Her evaluations often offer a honeyed view of how a wild woman can thrive within the restrictions of modern society. For me, it poses as a theoretical text book of feminine power for those in search of their true psyche, feeling lost in a modern world of conformity.

I loved having this book to pick up when I felt like reading something more spiritual and challenging because the well-researched content is empowering. I would recommend to dip in and out of this pool of spirituality when you feel the urge, otherwise you may fall into a tedious insipid puddle of study study study!

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